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Pioneers of Leisure by Marcello Cabus is the a true story of a young Latino/Filipino boy from the barrio who dreamed of more than shining shoes in a black nightclub.  He achieved many of his dreams—partied with rock stars from Dylan to the Stones, traveled to North Africa and escaped with his life, carvanned in Europe while selling LSD, and visited exotic Kashmir where he learned the art of smuggling. Along the way, he went to prison, survived the deaths of two wives, and endured the toughest rehab in the country.

He patented a food dehydration system capable of dealing with world hunger and presented it to the top echelons in the government only to be slandered and destroyed by a yellow journalism tabloid.

A simple twist leads to high end cocaine dealing and the addiction that follows. Faster than a jet plane that self implodes

The purpose of this web site is to entice readers and validates the story with background data too voluminous for print. The theme is about a war with the authorities and how they tried to destroy his dreams, even when he started a legal venture.This war has been going on for 50 years and has taken no prisoners. This story goes up and down with a lot of laughs along the way. So enjoy the trip and hold onto your seat.

 Table of Contents  


My Beginnings

Hey, Colorado

Larimer Square

The Family dog

The Draft                                                                        

Gas chamber




Free Form Radio

Party Party






The Farm

Country Music

The Island Wedding

The Comets Affair

Camp George west



Newspaper war

Bad cops


Costa Rica

Peer 1



Pendejos and Locos

What happened