Book excerpt – STP John

An excerpt from Chapter on Pendejos & Locos from my book “Pioneers of Leisure”

They murdered STP John. Shot him to death. The pillow case, he always carried, was saturated with blood.

In the 1960’s, the University of Colorado at Boulder, was voted the best party school in the nation, no contest. The partiers were straight fraternity boys who could not back down STPers. The trigger man was Robert Coleman. The confrontation was as sure as night.

In the late 60’s, STP John showed up in Boulder, leading an extreme tribe of the filthiest people on earth. The tribe was Hell Angels without choppers. They sold bad drugs, panhandled, stole anything, and took life without moderation. They operated under no moral or legal code. They were constantly in jail for vagrancy and other crimes. I observed the invasion, from my 2nd floor perch in a Cotangent store window. I was the “Fool on the Hill.”

STP John

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