Chapter Naming Contest

Ok, lets have a funtest: “Name This Chapter”. I need chapter titles for a book I am writing – to be listed as song titles. I will post a synopsis of a chapter for ten days. I will pick the best song title author and they will get bragging rights to say they helped write a book. For example a chapter called “Drugs” – which relates both humorous and tragic encounters I had around the world while dealing with innovators of smuggling – it is now called “I Want to be Sedated”. The next chapter will be posted in a week as a comment.

Another Funtest for my book. Provide a song title to go with my Cotangent chapter – it records the beginning of the Cotangent in 1968 on the hill in Boulder, details how Rosie and Junior spent 22 years making clothes and features the scores of the most talented seamstresses ever to run a straight stitch. We made clothes for artists, from Glen Campbell to Mick Jagger.

The winner of the first chapter song contest is Cathy Werle for “The Magic Bus”. There were a lot of interesting submissions.

The second chapter to be named was originally called “Larimer Square”. It recalls my experiences in the Summer of Love and being part of the alternative arts community in Denver’s Larimer Square and Boulder. Suggest away!


One comment on “Chapter Naming Contest”
  1. Paula long says:

    ‘Young, dumb, and full of cum’
    Quote from Rosie


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